Promotion of charitable purposes;

  • To create awareness of the VS (Voluntary Sector) within Mid Surrey (MS).
  • To create active engagement and placement within targeted media – on VAMS (Voluntary Action Mid Surrey) and VOs (Voluntary Organisations) within MS.
  • To position and represent VAMS and VOs at targeted events within MS.
  • To create an online presence for VAMS (web, online and social media).
  • To initiate an engagement with 3rd party bodies to utilise their routes to the sector.
  • To create focused campaigns that supports the priorities of the VAMS community.
  • To create and produce communication material that supports MS VOs and VAMS objectives.

Serve as a voice for the Voluntary Community and Faith Sector (VCF) within the area;

  • To be aware of MS’s strategic objectives in order to prepare and collate agenda topics for relevant meetings.
  • To facilitate alignment on key strategic objectives.
  • To attend relevant meetings in order to represent the VS within MS.

Act as the umbrella organisation for all VAMS and VS organisations;

  • To be aware and up to date on all VOs and their activities within the MS area.
  • To ensure that all VOs are aware of VAMS organisation, role and activities.
  • To create a record of all registered charities within the MS on a central database repository.
  • To understand the issues and opportunities common across the MS organisations in order to facilitate effective support.

Engagement, co-operation and collaboration with VOs.

  • To drive the Strategic Agenda for MS VOs.
  • To be aware of national policies and regional priorities for the VS.
  • To attend national VS meetings convened by NCVO.
  • To be aware and informed of the relevant policy directives issued by the Office of Civil Society.
  • To engage with the Local Economic Partnerships (LEPs) in regard to the VS. (Coast to Capital).
  • To co-ordinate and collaborate with other Voluntary Actions (VAs).
  • To ensure the MS VOs activities are effectively co-ordinated and resources are        efficiently utilised.
  • To establish a quarterly forum for elected representatives from MS VOs.
  • To drive best practice delivery models within MS area.

Engagement, co-operation and collaboration with statutory bodies;

  • To represent the MS VCFS to statutory and stakeholder groups.
    • Local authority.
    • Regional Government.
    • Skills Council.
  • To raise awareness of the resources needed to support the local community in voluntary action.
  • To inform on VA services and interventions.
  • To provide information and feedback on VA KPIs.

Engagement, co-operation and collaboration with the Public;

  • To provide awareness of the role of VAMS and the VOs within MS.
  • To raise awareness of the voluntary opportunities and services within MS.
  • To act as a facilitator between VOs and potential volunteers.

Recruitment and placement of volunteers;

  • To create attention, interest, desire and action towards volunteers.
  • To drive awareness of MS VOs amongst the public.
  • To provide intelligence on the opportunities presented in volunteering for MS VOs.
  • To provide recruitment information on how to volunteer.
  • To facilitate the recruitment of volunteers for the VCFS organisations.

Information, guidance and support on volunteer recruitment;

  • To ensure that MS VOs are informed and up to date on their recruitment practices, policies and procedures.
  • To facilitate training and provide legal and obligatory information.
  • To undertake filtering and selection of volunteers.
  • To undertake DBS checks.
  • To provide volunteer selection.